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Artist reception tonight

  Master of the Craftsmen artist, Frank M. James will be a the Boulder City Library this evening to meet Boulder City residents and personally demonstrate the functioning detail pieces that are part of his miniature creations.
  The reception will begin at 7 p.m. in the library Community Room/Gallery and continue until the library closes at 8:30 p.m.
  The public, especially children, are welcome to come and speak to the artist to learn what amazing everyday objects make up the furnishing etc. in the scale models of James' church, home and ancient tabernacle.

 James, an accomplished carpenter, cabinetmaker, electrician, plumber, tinsmith,
goldsmith, welder, radio and

television technician, draftsman, architect and inventor was born on the island of Trinidad. He received a fourth grade education in his village and is otherwise self-taught.
  His inquisitive nature and determination have led him to his "I can" philosophy. The "I can" exhibit is intended to share a vision. James states, "What I want to tell people is--They can. They just have to get a positive attitude and always look at the glass as if it is half-full. I've never seen an empty glass yet. "The artist likes it that people appreciate his art, especially kids. He hopes to instill in them a belief in themselves. He says, "I don't believe there are problems. I believe a situation arises and if you think well enough, with enough patience, you will find a way."

  The emphasis of the "I Can" exhibit is living 3-D proof that all is possible through the generosity of the Nevada State Council on the Arts who partially funded the cost of moving the pieces. Tonight James will demonstrate street lights, elevators, swimming pools, Jacuzzi and all the unique features of his work.

  The pieces will be on display through the beginning of February for those who are unable to see them this evening, however, the full experience is best discovered in the presence of the artist when all the parts are working.

Reprinted from the
Boulder City News Thursday,
January 18, 1996

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