Master of the Craftsmen




From the desk  of Frank M. James

A Master of the Craftsmen I am

It takes




And the Living God

(Not necessarily in the order I have stated it)


As and Artist I strive in all I do for total perfection, for example

The fountain on the front lawn of the house of democracy was created

And recreated seventeen times using nine bottles of Champagne

          corks and twelve orange juice bottles.


My uttermost desire and goal is to give my life to the betterment of

The human race. I must be of help.


Twenty years ago when I built the Temple of Truth I placed a plaque

 On the base of the church (before you is a picture of that plaque.)

Twenty years later, today, I, Frank M. James solemnly stand by those


I take this moment in time to truly thank you for visiting my website.

Blessed be your days,

Frank M. James