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Tabernacle of Moses

Miniature Tabernacle of Moses Replica, Tabernacle in the wilderness, total of 14,000 man-hours to complete by hand.

       Mr. James’s most ambitious art piece which he has recently completed is of a 3,600 year old building which is located in the Bible, EXODUS 25, as the first church ever built. This church was built in the Sinai Desert by the prophet Moses and is known as the very first Jewish Temple. This art piece was built in the form of a giant jewel box, completely adorned on the exterior with Austrian stones. This tabernacle incorporates the plan of salvation, therefore it is a jewel; thus it was built in a jewel box.

        When opened, it drastically reveals the tabernacle and surrounding courtyard. This scene is further enhanced by the manifestation of an ancient desert night sky adorned with stars, and is illuminated by a brilliant full moon. This also includes the configurations of the constellation encompassing the entire visible universe. The stars depicted in the heavens are small Austrian stones.

        The courtyard area surrounding the Tabernacle is adorned with medieval torches. These torches are made from the inside mechanism of cigarette lighters and are lit by a small propane tank. This entire process is controlled by a unique type of technology situated beneath the structure.

This piece has over 1,200 man-hours dedicated to research and required a total of 14,000 man-hours to complete.

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