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Universal Temple of Truth
Miniature Church Universal Temple of Truth, 4 years and 8,900 man-hours by hand

      Very similar in architectural design to the historic Camiolle Presbyterian Church set in the foothills of the Ruby Mountains of Northern Nevada. This church could also be found in most rural communities in the United States and is usually symbolic of a period of American History which we usually attempt to recapture through this art form. The creation of this piece encompassed four years and 8,900 man-hours. This art piece was appraised by the Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company for a replacement value of $500,000. Consider the following:

1. The church bell tolls on every hour of the day.

2. In the basement (completely visible) there is a replica of the last supper table with actual fish, bread and wine.

3. The church is completely furnished on the inside including pews, pulpit, lighted candles and chandeliers.

4. All of the floodlights surrounding the church were made from pen holders.

5. There is a replica of the Jewish Ark of the Covenant in the rear of the yard.

6. A replica of the alter of Burnt Offering is situated in the rear yard.

7. From the alter could be heard sermons in progress and a choir delivering renditions of various spiritual songs.

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